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Cat's Very Good Day by Kristen Tracy illustrated by David Small


Cat's Very Good Day

A hilarious picture book about one mischievous cat's action-packed day - from an award-winning poet, with illustrations by a Caldecott Medalist.

It's a busy day for Cat, who is living his best life and managing to cause plenty of trouble along the way! After all, he's a mirror attacker and a morning-tea whacker. A potted-plant disaster and an acrobat master. A vacuum avoider and a sofa destroyer.

But when thunder and lightning strike, it turns out he's a dark-storm worrier and a back-closet scurrier. A curled-up loner and a scaredy-cat groaner. Once the storm passes, though, is it possible Cat just might be a moonlight cuddler and all-night snuggler at heart?

Kristen Tracy's ingenious verse and David Small's masterfully expressive and uproariously funny artwork capture all the charm and personality of these irresistible fur babies - hairballs and all. Here's the perfect gift for feline lovers of all ages!

Cat's Very Good Day will be released in hardcover on April 4th, 2023.

ISBN-13: 978-1984815200

Recommended for kids.

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