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A Kit Story by Kristen Tracy illustrated by Alison Farrell


A Cub Story

Timeless and nostalgic, quirky and fresh, lightly educational and wholly heartfelt, this autobiography of a bear cub will delight all cuddlers and snugglers.

See the world through a bear cub's eyes in this charming book about finding your place in the world. Little cub measures himself up to the other animals in the forest. Compared to a rabbit, he is big. Compared to a chipmunk, he is HUGE. Compared to his mother, he is still a little cub.

The first in a series of board books pairs Kristen Tracy's timeless and nostalgic text with Alison Farrell's sweet, endearing art for an adorable treatment of everyone's favorite topic: baby animals!

PERFECT FOR BEDTIME KISSES: The book goes through a day in the life of a baby bear cub and ends tucked into his den with mama bear. The perfect book to take families through their own day, ending with a cozy goodnight moment!

ENCOURAGES CHILDREN TO IMAGINE OTHER PERSPECTIVES: This book is told in the first person: "I am a cub." This unusual narrator will get the youngest readers thinking about what it's really like to be a little bear cub!

TEACHES COMPARISONS: The idea of seeing through the animal's eyes by comparing themselves to familiar ideas (cub is bigger than rabbit but smaller than mama bear) is a perfect introduction to comparative logic.

A BOOK TO BOND OVER: This is the perfect cuddly read between baby and parent, since it's focused on baby animals and their families.

Perfect for:
- Parents
- Grandparents
- Friends searching for the perfect baby shower gift
- Animal lovers

Starred Review from Publishers Weekly:

"A smiling, dot-eyed brown bear cub narrates its life over the course of a year, taking readers through seasonal bear activities, including sitting 'very still' in front of a waterfall during spring, rolling down a hill into blackberry bushes in the summertime, fishing in the fall, and hibernating in the winter. As the cub compares its attributes to the animals around it - a moose's appetite dwarfs its own, and the cub is a slower runner than the elk - young bear enthusiasts will find plenty to capture their attention. Tracy adds endearing, sensorial touches to otherwise straightforward diction: "This is my den. / I like it here. / Tucked in the back. / On top of leaves. / Curled into a cuddle lump." Farrell contributes cheery, engaging art rendered in gouache, colored pencil, ink, and digital mixed media to this lightly informative, bear-centered board book."

A Cub Story will be released as a board book on September 28th, 2021.

ISBN-10: 145217458X

ISBN-13: 978-1452174587

Recommended for preschoolers.

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