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I Am Friendly Confessions of a Helpful Bear by Kristen Tracy illustrated by Erin Kraan


I Am Friendly: Confessions of a Helpful Bear

A hilarious picture book that follows the adventures of a well-meaning grizzly bear trying to help her forest friends.

Don't look at this bear and think she is ferocious. Quite the opposite of grizzly. She is friendly!

Need directions? She's your bear. What about an afternoon snack? Look no further. Being this thoughtful has always come naturally to her, and she just knows itís appreciated by all her forest friends. Keep an eye out! There's always someone in need of a helping hand - or paw.

From the silly to the sincere, I Am Friendly by children's author Kristen Tracy and rising star illustrator Erin Kraan will resonate with every big-hearted reader.

I Am Friendly will be released in hardcover on May 21st, 2024.

ISBN-10: 0374391181

ISBN-13: 978-0374391188

Recommended for preschoolers.

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