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I Am Picky written by Kristen Tracy illustrated by Erin Kraan


I Am Picky

A laugh-out-loud picture book about a self-proclaimed picky eater of a raccoon - perfect for human picky eaters!

Don't look at this raccoon and think she'll eat just anything. Oh, no. She is picky! She's been choosy forever - and listen, it's a tough life. It's not as though the perfect snacks just fall from the sky (except when they do). You’ve got to work to find the sourest milk, the crunchiest bumblebees, and the most delicious trash. Snacking while picky is a real challenge sometimes...but you never know where you'll find the tastiest treats to try!

From children's author Kristen Tracy and rising star illustrator Erin Kraan, I Am Picky is sure to delight even the choosiest of eaters - and readers.

Kirkus Review:

"Are raccoons picky eaters? Readers may not assume so, but this friendly raccoon narrator claims to have always been a fussy eater, just like Mom and Dad. Readers follow along as the raccoon, with their parents, raids a dumpster for years-old moldy green milk and eats fish from the pond scum, beetles from the bottom of the compost, and wormy apples that fall from the tree but draws the line at freshly washed jeans and snails. The narrator is a connoisseur of bright flower and crunchy bee combos ("magnifique!") and seasonal treats like jack-o'-lanterns ("chef's kiss!"), but their favorite dish - dog food ("delicioso!") - requires the sneakiest moves, like distracting the canine with a game of fetch and a daring escape across a fence. Near dawn, the raccoon family returns home with bulging bellies. Remembering their manners, the young raccoon shares some of the night's bounty with readers. Only very un-picky readers will happily indulge in the offered meal of fish head, moldy pizza, wormy cat food, and crunchy beetles. Woodcut prints and digital collages depict the raccoon with black-rimmed eyes and an expressive face; close-ups of the little creature help build a relationship between readers and the narrator. Colorful background details reinforce facts about the raccoon's habitats and diet, which won't seem very picky to most. Readers will giggle, groan, and learn about raccoons as they reconsider what it means to be a finicky eater."

I Am Picky will be released in hardcover on October 18th, 2022.

ISBN-13: 978-0374389543

Recommended for kids.

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