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I Quit by Kristen Tracy illustrated by Federico Fabiani


I Quit

Written by Kristen Tracy, illustrated by Federico Fabiani

Fans of Cat Problems and Mother Bruce will not want to miss this hiss-terical picture book! I Quit is an oh-so-relatable story about a misbehaving kitty who's had just about enough... only to find out she's had what she needed all along.

When kitty first got adopted, everything was purr-fect.

Then came the rules. NO eating the bread! NO chasing the baby! BAD KITTY! Excuse me? She’s not a bad kitty. Left with no choice, she says goodbye to everything she loves (even her favorite crinkled-up receipt) and quits!

But kitty's adventure in the great outdoors doesn't go as planned, and she realizes that she may have made a few mistakes. She knows she can do better, but how can she get home? Would her family even want her back?

A laugh-out-loud picture book perfect for anyone who has ever had that "I quit!" feeling.

I Quit will be released in hardcover on October 22nd, 2024.

ISBN-10: 0374392196

ISBN-13: 978-0374392192

Recommended for preschoolers.

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