kristen tracy

school visits

Kristen isn't traveling too much right now, but you can check with her about fees and see if she's available for school visits. Sometimes she Zooms. Sometimes.

If she can come visit you, what she likes to do most is lead writing workshops and/or talk about storytelling and writing. Here's what she's done before:

Classroom/Library Presentations

Below are some of the topics she likes to talk about. Since she writes for a range of age groups, emergent readers through high school, she will modify the session depending on grade level.

How Does Your Imagination Work
How To Tell a Good Story
I'm Stuck! What Now? A Series of the Best Writing Prompts Ever
What Is Poetry?
So You Want To Be a Writer: 12 Pieces of Practical Advice
How My Cat Helped Me Write a Story

Contact me to schedule an event:

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