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Sharks & Boys

Fifteen year old Enid's carefully constructed life in Vermont is beginning to crumble. After bonding together for years in twin studies, she has come to accept that her friends have betrayed her. And now she finds out that her dad has betrayed her mom. It's not easy, but at least she's got her boyfriend, Wick, to help her through this tough time. Solid, funny, gorgeous Wick. Enid's loved him since she was six, and their relationship is perfect.

That is, until Wick suddenly announces he thinks they should take a break, an unclear status that Enid can't accept. As Wick abandons Enid for a trip to Annapolis with those friends who betrayed her, she lets her wildest fears take over. Five hundred and forty miles later, Enid realizes she's acting desperately as she spies on Wick, his twin, her twin, and the rest of the boys from twin studies. That doesn't stop her from following them aboard a yacht and hiding in the bathroom. But then the boys take the yacht out into a storm - a storm which leaves the twins adrift in the ocean without food or water - and Enid discovers a new definition of desperate.

With sharks circling and no help in sight, Enid and the twins must find a way to trust each other in order to survive - and face the fact that they might not make it home.

Starred Review from Kirkus:

"Thoughtless teen behavior leads four sets of twins on a deadly adventure in a horribly realistic but often very funny survival tale. These eight teens have been part of a research study and know each other all too well. Enid, the only girl (she is a fraternal twin), is on a break from dating Wick, whose brother conspired to diss her in a zine co-authored by Burr and Skate, twins whose parents have just died in an accident. Narrator Enid isn't funny on purpose, but her angst and stalker behavior are hilarious, as she abandons her responsibilities and drives five hours to eavesdrop on the guys, who are partying. The boys head to the Gretchen, a boat owned by Burr and Skate, for a slightly tipsy outing on the high seas, and Enid follows, sure that Gretchen is female and possibly a stripper. She ends up hiding on board in the head. When the boat goes down and they are left with only a plastic raft, the reality turns increasingly deadly as the often-fortunate coincidences of survival tales don't help these kids out. As Enid names a few of the circling sharks, their increasingly dire situation reveals more about all eight twins, with twins Munny and Sov, who've seemed vulnerable, exhibiting unsuspected strength. William Golding updated with humor. (Adventure. 12-17)"


"Enid is miserable. She and Wick have just decided to 'take a break.' He is headed to Annapolis with the other boys in their Twin Study group for a weekend of guy fun that includes, Enid is certain, at least one girl, Simone. Determined to save Wick from himself and salvage their relationship, Enid follows the boys and sneaks onto a boat to spy on the party. After a dangerous storm leaves the boat swamped, Enid and the boys are thrown into the shark-infested ocean and begin an exhausting fight for their lives. As the sharks circle and the sun scalds, long-festering aggravations among the teens turn into deep wounds that threaten the trust they need to survive. A page-turning thriller that will please Gary Paulsen fans, this emotionally complex novel makes everyone's worst beach nightmare palpable and provides a fascinating character study that explores what happens when instincts are pitted against relationships." - Frances Bradburn

Sharks & Boys was released in hardcover on June 28th, 2011.

Recommended for ages 14 and up, grades 9 and up.

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